OCR manual sorting

Mailroom Assistant® mSorter series is a cost-effective and intelligent manual mail sorting solution that is based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Camera and the OCR system automatically recognize addresses and sorting codes. Illustrative sorting direction symbols are shown on the touch screen.


The OCR is capable of recognizing letters, flats and thin parcels up to size B4 with different orientations to desired sorting depth. Region of Interest (ROI) can be fixed. Unrecognized addresses are easy to solve with an easy-to-use web based video coding feature connected to the fuzzy matching engine. Optimized coding logic enables minimal number of key strikes for desired address recognition.


The OCR software running on a centralized server cluster or cloud enables easy integration for multiple sorting stations and high availability and scaling of OCR modules on demand with minimal investment.


mSorter OCR Light mSorter OCR LF 160 mSorter OCR PF 32