It is easy to register outgoing shipments using the web interface. Postal department is notified about the collectable shipments. System automatically registers the shipments with logistic operators like DHL, UBS or FedEx and receive consignment notes and waybill documents. Other interfaces are included based on customer needs.



  • interface to logistic systems for
    • registering shipments
    • synchronizing track and trace data
  • support for integration to any carrier interface
  • offers an easy-to-use intuitive interface for shipment registration
  • seamless integration to any web based environment
  • tracking from desk to desk
  • user interface is easy-to-use
  • single sign in for quick access to the system
  • users are identified
    • sender details are always correct
    • costs are automatically allocated to correct cost center
  • shipment status data synchronized with logistic operator service
  • possible to get notifications on status changes and possible delays
  • tracking from desk to desk