mSorter OCR

mSorter OCR device automatically recognizes shipment placed under the camera and takes a picture of it. Picture is then saved on the server. Simultaneously the OCR framework finds the recipient and the sender details on the shipment and matches it with the items in the address database. At the same time, the integrated scales unit measures the weight of the shipment and attaches it to the shipment registration.


After the OCR has found the recipient and weight has been measured, the shipment is registered and label is automatically printed for shipment.



Registrar Code

Registrar Code uses quick Google style single field database search. After the identification, system instantly prints out a label to be attached on the shipment. With the label the shipment can easily be identified throughout the process until it is delivered.


Manual registration can be done with any PC with Windows 7 or newer operating system. Typically an industrial label printer is used for high performance registration. Additionally a bar code scanner is needed to connect the shipment to data retrieved through carrier interface (i.e. DHL) while registering incoming parcels.