Company information

Notta Systems is now known as Mailroom Solutions


Due to our growing product portfolio we have now officially changed our company name to Mailroom Solutions. Mailroom Assistant® will continue to exist as the product family name for our physical products. Mailroom Manager® is the product family name for our software solutions.

Mailroom Solutions offers a modern mail sorting solutions that make the sorting process easy and inspiring. With the help of our solutions, your customers receive their shipments perfectly on time. Save time, space and cut costs, all at the same time.

Mailroom Solutions is responding to the transition of material the national mail operators are dealing with. The amount of easy machinable material is decreasing and the amount of difficult manually handled material is increasing. Mailroom Solutions provides the solutions for easy handling of manually sorted material by making it less time consuming and by removing the memory based operations.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) driven sorting makes it possible to utilize sort and route plans designed for machine sorting also in manual sorting. OCR driven sorting is easy, ergonomic and traceable.


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